We both know you deserve the best. That’s why we’re proud to offer a collection of products by leading names including L’Oreal Professional, Kerastase, Kevin Murphy, DNA Organics, QOD authentic Brazilian Kertin and Seamless 1 Hair, GHD and Gorgeous Cosmetics.


This beloved brand launched in France in 1964 with a mission to create high-performance, personalized hair care. Using the renowned La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal, a powerhouse institution with over 2,000 researchers, Kérastase has created technologically advanced, specialized products to meet every hair and scalp need. But the brand’s mission goes beyond just supplying consumers with top-notch at-home products. They’ve built up a stable of trained stylists at select salons around the country to offer professional expertise and services too advanced to be done in your own bathroom. Part critical hair care nourishment and part haute spa treatment, your hair will be dramatically changed after a Kérastase in-salon ritual.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths

Great Lengths hair extensions are handcrafted in Italy. The hair originates from the temples in India where it has been willingly donated as a sacrifice to the gods of the temple. 100% of Great Lengths hair is ethically sourced via the temple hair auctions, Indian virgin temple hair is highly recommended for the best hair extensions due to the fact that it has never been chemically processed through bleaching and colouring and the texture of the hair matches that of Caucasian markets

Eleven Hair products

Becca Cosmetics

Perfection is yours to define. Polished or undone. Soft or sultry. Whatever you want to achieve, perfected skin is the essential starting point. Through premium formulas and expert tips, BECCA can help you attain a natural, effortless complexion that elevates your every look.

BECCA presents a highly curated selection of cosmetics that further reveal your natural beauty rather than covering it up. By matching your skin tone, you can create perfect looking skin while highlighting your favorite features and amplifying the look with a dramatic eye or bright lip when the mood strikes. Lightweight, luxurious and advanced, BECCA makes your entire beauty routine a more enjoyable experience while still performing all day.

ghd hairstyling products


A decade on from revolutionising hairstyling with the launch of its first styler, ghd remains true to its founding ethos: the spirit of transformation. In addition
to its iconic stylers, which continue to be a cult must-have for women in search of beautiful hair, new product line ghd Style and a collection of professional brushes complete the ghd range.

DNA Luxury Organics

Modern, simple, pure, and respected Australian made and cruelty free hair care and styling products. Designed for professionals and enjoyed by consumers, each essential item in the range is easy to use with outstanding professional performance. All products are 100% Australian made and owned. Professionally salon tested, NEVER animal tested. Contains certified organic ingredients. Contains cosmetic grade raw materials purchased in Australia for consumer safety.

QOD Authentic Brazilian Keratin

QUD Authentic Brazilian Kertain is a revolutionary, kertain based hair treatment that originated in Brazil, where thick unruly hair and humidity go hand in hand. With over a decade of advanced scientific research, international testing and very strict quality control, has resulted in a product that has captured the attention of hair and beauty professionals and their clients world wide. Keratin is the primary protein of hair, nails and skin and can be remarkably effective as the key component of a conditioning and straightening treatment, transforming hair to a incredibly healthy, shiny, smooth state. QOD Authentic Brazilian Keratin is designed for all hair types, for anyone wanting naturally smooth frizz reduced, easier to manage hair.

Seamless1 Hair Extensions

Seamless1 Hair Extensions are a brand that is well and truly changing the hair extensions market. Focusing on ensuring high quality hair extensions, affordability and good customer service. Seamless1 have fast become the most popular hair extensions brand on the market, offering women instant length, volume, thickness and colour, in no time at all. From light weight clip-ins to their signature tape extensions, Seamless1 product range covers all colour, length and style bases. Every set of extensions is comprised of 100% ethically sourced virgin remy hair that is carefully processed to ensure an incredible natural feel and appearance.